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A guided tour @ Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz by OfW

09/ 08 – 11th 2021
7.30 pm
Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz / Berlin

FRANCE CULTURE en parle: https://www.franceculture.fr/emissions/affaire-a-suivre/affaire-a-suivre-du-lundi-13-septembre-2021

When you’re forced to stay home during a Pandemic, you could get obsessed with the place you live in. That is the starting point for a simultaneously running city tour ‘in stereo’ in two languages. We dive in the various stories surrounding this triangled square. It was the setting for several discussions around Volksbühne in the last years. Also it originated the first “Hygiene-Demos”, which started right there in 2020. But there’s much more to it: Erich Mielke, the later head of the StaSi, shot a policeman here on a warm summer day in August 1931 and in the 1920s the square was marked by clashes between communists and the police. Right after Hitler’s rise to power, the (then) Karl-Liebknecht-Platz was occupied by the Nazis, along with the KPD party headquarters there.
Again and again this square was claimed by different sides: by communists, by Nazis, by supporters of the Volksbühne, by hipsters and finally by those who think the pandemic is only a conspiracy. This makes Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz the perfect place to raise questions about isolation and individual freedom, and about what everyone wants to contribute to the society.

DE Tourguides: Jakob Plutte & Florentine Schara
EN Tourguides: Tomas Kutinjač & Sara Mazzanti
Rousseau: Stéphane Mashyno
Verena: Clémence Caillouel

Director: Philipp Urrutia
Dramaturgy:  Lena Schulze Frenking

Co-Director: Gözde Atalay
Co-Dramaturgy: Clémentine Decremps
Sounds: Romain Frequency
Fotos: Uz Kirchhoff