No Way Out

21 Sept 2019 : Festival Alytaus Teatras / Lithuania
24/25/26 Mai 2018 : Camden People's Theatre / Londres
16/16/17 Février 2018: Ballhuas Ost / Berlin

A Flight of the Escales production

Concept and Direction: Carolina Ortega (DE/VE/UK)
Co-Director: Sarah Calver (UK/DE)

COM MOON A Festival Best Performance Award 2019

NO WAY OUT previewed at CPT Calm Down Dear Festival in London and Balhaus Ost in Berlin, 2018.

There’s a word for girls like you…

Five characters are locked-in a toilet, an accidental purgatory where they revise their situations, themselves and ultimately their fate; figuring out what it really is to be a woman.

No Way Out asks performers and audiences what it is to be female and the gap between reality and representation. A reinterpretation of classical texts and characters; interwoven with personal analysis and experiences giving classical personages a contemporary voice. Placed side-by-side, irrespective of their narrative or historical context, each character attempts to re-write or at least re-experience their penned fate, offering a different perspective to the stories we know.

Created by an international ensemble, structurally influenced by Huis Clos (Sartre), Six Characters in Search of an Author (Pirandello), Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (Stoppard); adapting texts from The Taming of the Shrew, Don Quixote, House of Bernarda Alba, Joan of Arc, Jane Eyre, the myth of Shahmaran and inspired by fairy tales, myths, Disney princesses, contemporary female figures and pop artists.

Castellucci meets Kafka meets Sartre meets Gaulier and Judith Butler on acid.

This project has been funded by Arts Council England through Grants for the Arts and Norfolk County Council. It has been supported and developed with The Cut, Ballhaus Ost, TheatreHaus Mitte and Camden People’s Theatre.


Created with and Performed by:
Clemence Caillouel  (FR)
Gozde Atalay Kokkoris (TR)
Patricia Rodriguez (ES)

Video Artist: Hugo Reis (BR)
Costume Design: Eva Nalbach (DE)

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